Erotica & Censorship


Erotica, one of the most awesome yet highly taboo types of books/stories that touches on  all sorts of fantasies. Well. .  it did. Now a days if you go to Amazon you will find a tame version of what Erotica used to be, now soon to be gone are the reluctance, barely legal, no more demi-humans, tentacles and say good by to racy covers, half naked backs? Nope not allowed. Now I am sure a lot of you are like “Well those should be outlawed/banned/not published on Amazon.”, respectfully I understand your point of view, but it IS censorship, and not only CENSORSHIP but borderline thought police.  Why are they allowed to stomp all over some ones sexual fantasy/niche/what have you, 18 is of legal age, there is no such thing as a women having sex *I have not googled so maybe there is* with an octopus,reluctance has been proven that MOST people read reluctance or pretend to be reluctant during/before sex because it is the ADRENALINE that they receive when acting/reading/watching that gets them off, demi humans don’t exists and if they’re stomping on demi-humans, whats next?  No more Vampires? No more Ware wolfs? No more Virgin Gay Anal between two adult men?  Good lord, if we outlawed 50 shades of Grey I feel the masses would rise and stop this censorship of Erotica.

God I HATED 50 shades! I really did, I thought it was horrible written, not so true kind of watered down the whole BDSM life and yet it sells, its tame enough and above all else, IT MAKES A LOT OF MONEY. So no, 50 shades of CRAP should be around for years and years to come (HA Puns.)

So no, no one will speak for the independent authors, no one will rise and be like “Amazon, CENSORSHIP  IS WRONG! Who are you to decide what is healthy/ok to fantasize about?”. Obviously there should be limits, no child porn being the biggest, but where do we draw the line?

Where is it ok to mix reality and fantasy? Because really the only thing “real” about these stories is that sex is involved. The rest is fantasy! This is not a porno where a woman or a man has to be liquored up or drugged up before hand, there is no chance of an STD or of a person being hurt (physically and mentally, emotionally too), anything that is done/written in Erotica is simply FANTASY!

And the bookcovers! I remember growing up to ROMANCE (the Original “mommy porn”) book covers with FABIO half naked, leaning some bigged boobied chick back and kissing her neck. . . that’s way more racy then a lot of the covers they no longer allow. You don’t like your kid seeing the book covers? TURN  ON THE “18+” so that your kids don’t see it.

What, are we no longer, as a society, able to make the distinction between fantasy and truth? Have we fallen so far we can no longer think for ourselves? Do we really believe everything that we now read on the internet?

Who will be the voice?

Why is the voice always stomped on and pushed aside? Why are we ok with censorship? Because its not OUR sexual fantasy?

Censorship is wrong, I believe it in my heart, I don’t think that censoring erotica is any better then censoring any other type of book, whether its math or science, history or romance, sports or cooking, serial killer bios or whatever, its wrong wrong wrong.

What do you think?


Do X and feel GREAT! D

I despise, I mean HATE with a passion when I see things like :

“Cut out carbs and look better naked!”  “Cut out sugar and feel better naked!” 

Really? How does that work? No exercise or anything? Just cut out carbs? Cut out sugar? Welll ok. 

Um no. Nononononono.  You know what will make you feel great? 

Loving yourself. I know it sounds like bullshit but hear me out.

Here’s my guide to feeling better naked: 

1) Don’t critize yourself. It reflects on  the outside how you feel on the inside.

2) Eat BALANCED meals, fruits, veggies, grains, dairy and meats OR make sure that you are getting proper nutrition from your current diet. 

3) Don’t try to be THIN or SKINNY, aim for healthy and active. Even if you only walk ten minutes a day, you’ll feel better. 

4) Don’t take my advice without talking to a doctor, why? Because I AM  NOT A DOCTOR! 

The only person who should be advising you on your diet is a nutrition specialist or a doctor, not random people off the internet. 

The only person who can help your confidence is you (and maybe a therapist.) not cutting out a part of a food group. (Unless your nutritionist says otherwise) 

You want to feel better about you, start helping yourself, start loving yourself, accept that you have what you have and you can only “improve” so much, work with what you got and love every inch of it.